paint spray

The special SprayMax aerosol technology is not comparable to conventional spray can technology. Only the optimal interaction of production know-how and aerosol technology, up to the right combination of hardware (can, valve, spray head, mixing ball), enable the unmistakable SprayMax aerosol technology and the associated system and user advantages! A homogeneous spray pattern with uniform distribution, defined spray flanks and low overspray is the guarantee for professional applications, regardless of the product, whether filler, base coat or clear coat. The optimal SprayMax spray pattern enables efficient work, especially the lower overspray and fogging compared to the spray gun is advantageous for many applications. The low overspray reduces the overall process costs, i.e. less preparatory work, less masking, lower material consumption, less rework and polishing. The SprayMax technology is therefore predestined for use in the spot repair sector, or where professional, but at the same time fast and cost-optimised applications are required. The spray jet direction and the spray jet size can be adjusted optimally to the damage location to be processed and the respective damage size simply, uncomplicatedly and quickly:

Horizontally and vertically adjustable spray direction
Stepless (from maximum to minimum) adjustable spray pattern size
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