About us

1983 I bought myself a 911 S 2.0 Targa from 1969 for 6900, - DM. The vehicle was a "Spachtelbomber" with double bottom, but ready to drive. It should be completely restored. 

A training as a body and vehicle builder and as a car painter was completed and afterwards this vehicle was restored.

Until 2015 further vehicles of this type were restored by me, also Coupes, but always models from 1968 to 1973.
In the course of the restorations body parts appeared again and again, which were either not available at all or required due to unsatisfactory fitting accuracy they needed substantial rework.

Therefore I began to develop forms parallel to the restorations, in order to be able to manufacture these parts in small series.
Today I manufacture with a small team in Cologne approx. 70 construction units in manual labour, which are offered in this Shop.
Through the experiences of the last decades an extensive knowledge is available over the bodies and the attachments and the preservation of the original condition.