Interior fender set Porsche 911

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Interior fender set aluminium

Fits Porsche 911 from 1969 to 1973.

Handmade in Germany

>All Porsche 911 vehicles from 1965 to 1989 have wheel arches with no interior fenders at the factory. The rotation of the wheels causes stone chips which damage the original coating of the wheel arches. In the course of time, there will also be deposits in the heavily nested wheel arch areas of the Porsche 911 that absorb moisture. In both cases corrosion occurs.

The solution is inner mudguards that cover and protect these areas.

The most important aspect in the manufacture of the inner fenders was, however, the preservation of the original outer appearance. For this reason, the deepest possible installation of the construction was chosen. Thus the inner fenders are not recognizable from the side view of the vehicle and the original siluette of the Porsche 911 remains. Further advantages of the inner fender sets are:

  • very easy assembly or disassembly
  • no bores in the bodywork
  • low weight due to aluminium frame construction
  • no visible brackets or fixings in the wheelhouse
  • all connections are detachable, as they are screwed together
  • the filigree girder constructions enabled the outer cover plate to be reduced to 0.5 mm thickness
  • Manufactured by hand

The filigree aluminium carrier frames are anodised. The outer cover plates are made of a saltwater-resistant alloy (AlMg3). The fixings for these areas consist of aluminium insert nuts (M4). The edges of the aluminium cover plates are provided with cellular rubber profile rubbers, which are waterproof. This also allowed the weight to be reduced, in contrast to edge protection piping with steel inserts or solid rubber profiles.

>The total weight for a complete inner mudguard with all fittings is less than 1000 grams. The uncoated construction for the right fender of the 911T from 1969 to 1973 completely only 992 grams. For a 911 S from 1969 to 1973, the total weight for all 4 inner fenders is even well under 4000 grams!

The inner mudguards are supplied in the basic version:
  • Aluminium uncoated

Special versions are available at extra cost:
  • Stone chip protection black on epoxy primer
  • Stone chipping protection light on epoxy primer
It is possible to paint the surface with stone chipping protection in the car colour.

On perfectly restored vehicles, the wheel arches can now also be painted on the inside and after that these surfaces no longer require stone chip protection. The wheelhouse areas now have a showroom appearance, which is then permanently protected and preserved by the inner fender sets.

Due to the individual production and the individual fabrication the delivery time is 3-4 weeks. When ordering, please specify the exact model and year of manufacture of your Porsche 911.